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April 19, 2018
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May 2, 2018
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Where do i send my P60s? If you already have hard copies please take a picture with your smart phone and email them to along with your customer reference number.

Need to download P60’s? If you have a Defence Gateway account you can login and download your P60s. For help on how to do this see our user guide.

I’ve lost my P60s, what can i do? Please call JPAC on 0141 224 3600 and request copies. When they arrive take a picture with your smart phone and email them to us.

Can I claim if I received GYH/HDT? Of course, If you’d like to use our new GYH calculator visit it here.

How often can I claim? This depends on several factors. Like have you claimed previously, are you still entitled etc. However some people will be able to claim every tax year.

Will my tax code change? Your tax code is used by your employer or pension provider to work out how much income tax to take from your pay or pension. The code is worked out by HMRC, who sends it to your employer or pension provider. If your tax code changes, just let us know and we’ll make sure it’s right – it’s all part of our aftercare service.

What are your fees? We charge 25% + VAT

Can i get an estimate? Of course, but remember this is only an estimate. Actual refund amount will depend on a lot of factors such as GYH received and tax paid. Tax refund estimate.

Is it only for the army? No, you can claim if you serve or have served in the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Airforce. The same criteria applies to everyone.

What is a Temporary posting?

Do you have a refer a friend program? Yes, We pay £25 per friend you recommend to use. If you would like to join our refer a friend program simply email and we’ll be in touch. Or for more information visit

Are you qualified accountants? Your refund is processed and submitted by Cameron accountants limited who are fully qualified chartered accountant.

How do i know if i qualify? Use can call us on 01179861234 or use our entitlement checker here. Am i entitled.

How far back can i claim? HMRC allow us to claim back as far as the previous 4 tax years.

What is a UTR? A UTR or Unique tax reference, The codes are completely unique and individual and rather like a national insurance number will stay with you for life. Example UTR

How do i get paid? We will transfer your refund directly into your bank account. The sooner we receive your details the sooner we can get you paid!

Can i submit an application over the phone? Of course, simply call us on 01179861234 and we will arrange this for you.

Can I claim if I took public transport? 

Can i claim if i was based aboard? Yes, even those based in Germany or Cyprus can claim. The same eligibility criteria will still need to be met. But you can read more on claiming while being based in Germany here. British forces Germany tax refunds.

How long does it take? The entire process takes around 8 weeks. You can read more about this on our complete guide for military tax refunds.

I live with my parents, can i claim? If you live on base during the week but go home to another address for weekends or longer periods of leave, then your home address would be classed as your main residence. The claim in this case would be for travel between your home address and your workplace.

What is a 64-8 form and where can i get one? Form 64-8 allows us to work on your behalf, it gives us permission to speak to HMRC about your account and submit self assessments on your behalf. If you’d like to download one see our Military 64-8 page.

What are your contact details?

Forces Money, 8 Maytree Walk,
Bristol BS31 2SG.

Phone: 01179 862 489