Military tax refunds the complete guide

Military tax refunds

Contrary to popular belief, as a current or ex member of the armed forces, you may be eligible for a tax reclaim regardless of which particular branch of the military you served within. Members of the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force can usually claim tax back for travel made to temporary postings during the last 4 years. It’s also important to note, that even if you are no longer in the Armed Forces, you are still able to receive tax back from HMRC for travel to temporary postings you made. In addition, even if you are already claiming a travel refund at the Motor Mileage Allowance rate, you could still be owed more money.

What am i claiming for?

Did you know that all members of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force as well as MOD personnel can possibly claim a tax rebate against travel expenses on temporary postings expected to last less than 24 months? Those who are currently serving in the military or have left within the last four years may be eligible for such a rebate also, even after being posted abroad in British Forces Germany. Claims cover expenses incurred commuting between home and base via your own vehicle or public transport. If eligible, you can claim back for any overpaid tax covering the last four years, here at Forces Money our average claim is over £2,000 (for a 4-year claim).

What information do i need to provide?

We need the following information to assess your MOD tax refund and then our dedicated customer services team will process your claim:

A completed online form (Military tax refund form)

A signed 64-8 form (Read more about form 64-8 or download one here )

P60s (last 4 years) (Visit our FAQ)

UTR ( What is a UTR?)

What are the stages of my military tax refund?

Armed forces tax reclaims are usually paid out within 8-10 weeks after all of your required documentation has been received. To help you fully understand the rebate process, we’ve noted a few key milestones for you

Step 1 and 2

Submit your form online at Forces money Return signed 64-8, and your last 4 years 60s. Have any questions? Visit our FAQ

Step 3 and 4

We will review your application with you to see if you have a possible claim and apply for your UTR number.
 Once we have received your UTR we submit for your claim to HMRC

Step 5 and 6

Await HMRC approval and payment. (4-5 weeks) we pay the money directly into your account within 72 hours. Our highly experienced and dedicated account managers work around the clock to ensure you receive the correct funds and that the tax rebate process runs seamlessly. As soon as you provide the relevant information for your reclaim, we can kick-start the process on your behalf, the quicker we receive your credentials, the quicker we can get you paid.

Our team

Since our conception in 2014, the team at Forces Money have strived to help military personnel receive the most friendly and efficient tax relief experience. Based in Keynsham just outside Bristol, our team is comprised of talented graduates, highly experienced professionals as well as military veterans. Here at Forces Money we empathise with the difficulties of life in the services and the demands it places on you. Our specialists are always there to help navigate you through our simple claims process and seamlessly deal with any queries. If you would like to speak to a member of our team give us a call today on 01179861234 or visit our Facebook Page.(insert link)