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April 10, 2017
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April 10, 2017

SSgt Jonnie Old (serving) Royal Logistics Corps Life Insurance Planning



SSgt Old is married with one young daughter and was concerned about his family maintaining their lifestyle or being able to pay the mortgage should he unexpectedly die through accident or illness.

The challenge

The challenge was finding an insurance company willing to deal with serving military personnel as many companies shy away from covering individuals who serve in the military. After that it was a case of highlighting the correct kind of insurance and making sure it could pay out the correct lump sum if needed.

The results

As a result of our meeting David advised SSgt Old to apply for a Life Insurance policy which was arranged directly with one of the main insurers. David spoke directly with the underwriters and fully explained the job role, likelihood of deployments, weapon handling frequency and all other risks associated with SSgt Old’s Army to make sure the policy was correct and acceptable to the insurers.

The outcome

SSgt Old is now confident that should he unexpectedly die his family will be able to pay off the mortgage and continue their way of life. He has insurance which is both affordable and correct. SSgt Old benefitted from Davids knowledge and understanding of the military as well as his relationships with the insurance companies.